I would like for you to know that in this very moment I am laughing so hard because this challenge is showing me flames. It’s tough out here folks, but we hang in there! So ready for some inspiration?

  1. Bonang Matheba – this woman is life goals. Let me tell you why. She was the first South African woman to launch a reality show, first international brand ambassador for Revlon, first South African to host the MTV Europe Music Awards and the first African to be given an E! News Special Africa on E! I only mentioned her firsts… This woman is power!
  2. Oliver Mtukudzi – how many Zimbabwean artists stand and say ‘I have been the best selling artist for 3 years?’ Tuku can, and here I am praying to sell enough to pay for the next studio session. This man had 67 albums. SIXTY SEVEN! He is recognized internationally, broke barriers for the Zimbabwean industry and for this I count him. RIP to the LEGEND.
  3. Cassper Nyovest – the man that many don’t like, well I love him and mostly for his courage and business acumen. This man turned down record deals to be an independent artist and every move he makes brings great results for him. He became abhuti fill-up, he had the guts to even try. From a boy that drooped out of school to pursue music to a man who makes coins with not only his talent but his existence.
  4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – listen, this woman wrote a book that was then adapted into a movie featuring Thandie Newton. She has been listed among authors of The New Yorker’s 20 under 40 fiction issue. A whole African woman! Yes, please…
  5. Lira – firstly, have you heard her sing? One woman whom I look at and marvel. She has no time for squabbles and scandals, she lets her talent speak. When she hits the stage, her creativity moves the crowds and she does it so effortlessly! A multi-platinum selling artist, did you even know that? One more fact, her track titled all my love knocked Beyonce’s dangerously in love off the charts! A queen!

You will realize that my list is filled with creative industry people, that’s because that is who I am. A creative. I hope you were inspired too. CIAO!

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