So as few of you know, I recently started a podcast titled R.I.T- Random Intellectual Thoughts, and I have been having a ball on it all by myself. It had been something I thought to start a while back and I kept chickening out. Yes, I chickened out. The important thing is that I actually started, right. So the first two episodes aired and I got the same feedback, your volume is too low..

The problem now was that I was recording within the app, Anchor,and it does not have the options to equalize your podcast when you finish recording. And the problem was that when I added music it would be super loud, then my voice  would be super low. I needed a solution ASAP!

Only the real ones got that! So I got to researching and I found a few apps that were promising, two disappointed me. But one was heaven sent and fixed my problem right away,Lexis Audio Editor. My latest podcast is popping! It takes some time to get around it though, at one point I mixed my vocals and the songs, that was messy. I had to go to the help section a number of times before I got it right, and I love that they added that within the app. You don’t have to go back and forth i.e google and back in the app, to get this done. My fellow podcasters, I found thy solution! Ciao

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