lonely 3

Why you laughing so loud?

Its ringing in my head, I can’t make it stop even when you gone,

Who sent you here?

I remember never asking for you

I remember rebuking you over and over again

But you sent your agent dressed all bougie

You knew didn’t you, you knew I would answer to the call

You knew how shallow minded I was and that I wouldnt dare resist her

You watched me from around the corner as I loved so deeply

You instructed her to pull me in with no hesitation

lonely 1

The world around me seized to exist

I didn’t dare stir my thoughts away from her

I was so consumed not knowing that I was about to be devoured by your presence

Just when I thought I had found it all, just when I felt mother nature had given me favour

You activated her power and initiated yourself in my life

The echos are conversing with me daily

I have tried to counter your presence with mine but you are more powerful than I anticipated

Stop touching me!

Your hands are leaving imprints that I can not rub off

Go, please go!

You have ruined me

I am right where you wanted me to be


Now stop, stop torturing me!

Your stares are piercing my heart

Your humour is only for you

Your sweat is condensing right in my soul

I wreak of your scent

I am defeated, the war is over

Now won’t you pack and go so that I can see smiles again

So civilisation can be my portion again

Dear Mr Loneliness please set me free.

lonely 2

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