“Will I still be accepted because the world we live in has people being rejected for the shape of their teeth.”

Sometimes we get tired of who we are or what we look like and we decide we are going to just start over. Control + Alt + Delete, fresh new page. What we often don’t take into consideration is the work that comes with the change, which can be so scary that somewhere along the way we may choose to backslide because better the devil you know right? However the stronger people choose to defy the odds, they push on, burn down the obstacles until they win. Today we here from Wesley Chimuti and his journey to the Bearded life. Ready, set, go…

‘I grew out my beard purely for change. I had been ‘clean’ for almost all my life and one day I looked in the mirror and thought, what if I let it grow. I had never really imagined myself with a beard but my curiosity played a big role in this decision. But with curiosity comes fear of the unknown, what if I do not look good? What will people say? Will I still be accepted because the world we live in has people being rejected for the shape of their teeth. It’s crazy but I did it. I kept my beard, the commentary came, good and bad of course but through it all I learnt that whatever I do, I do it for myself. However I do it, I do it to perfection. Wherever I do it, I do it with all of me so they never forget. All this from the transition of a clean cut to a beard. What I didn’t realize when I decided to grow my beard was the need for patience and the fact that your beard is yours, it can never really look like the next guys beard.’

“Keep it clean and moisturized to prevent breakage.”

The battle of rejection is one we will fight until and until. One person at a time we can win, if we teach each other to accept who we are. To love ourselves from within and not wait on anybody else’s approval of who we are. It’s a big lesson.

‘I use Organics shampoo and line the edges every 2 days with a razor and Gillete (if you did not hear Lil Wayne sing “sharper than GILLETE,” right now we cant be friends) Fusion Hydra Gel. Then I use Axe aftershave. A fine tooth comb is a need, I use it to untangle it. To finish up I use Smooth N Shine hair food. My Advice is be patient gents, it takes time to grow and fill out. Keep it clean and moisturized to prevent breakage.’

Well there you have it, I can not add nor subtract anything. Wise words.

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