For many fellas out there their beard has become nothing but just a trend, a way to get attention from ladies because we love stro…. I digress. My point is that really we have to at least have some sort of value for the gift that is our rich hair and beards. If you don’t agree then bye, we are not counting you as one of our own anymore. We are done! I kid, stay here and get some inspiration from Kudzai Mureriwa, he says…

At some point years later I decided to keep what I used to call, “THE WINTER BEARD,” because my piece connected.’

‘Initially all I wanted were those, “Usher side burns,” because all the girls went on about how they were for them and naturally in high school you want the girls to like you so that was a dream. (*Cue Dreams-The Game*) I had nothing and it didn’t help that my best friend was winning. Someone then advised to shave so as to help activate my facial hair, so I did it. I don’t know if that is what helped for sure but I believe in the formula, eventually I got my side burns- can’t remember how long it took. (WIIIINNNN!!!) I was a happy guy.’

Please note that everything in brackets is just me being extra. But I also just wanted to give a high five to all the ladies who played the background. I mean we are a whole catalyst in this narrative. Wow man!

‘It’s design is tailor made for my face and my character.’

‘The problem now was I was getting more than I asked for, facial hair was popping up everywhere. Back then the clean cut was the one so I actually hated that I had to shave so much because my hair grows fast. At some point years later I decided to keep what I used to call “THE WINTER BEARD,” because my piece connected. Before I knew it beards were in so I felt more comfortable not shaving anymore and started keeping a real beard and maintaining it. The best part was not having to shave so much and getting razor bumps.’

‘What I love most about my beard it literally is like my baby, the way it looks now is a reflection of how I have looked after it over the years. It’s been with me through some crazy times in my life, highs and lows, and it taught me patience. There is no rushing the process and that right there is a key for life. I’m starting to get grey hairs too and to me that’s a sign of where I’ve come from and what I’ve survived. A sign of wisdom as I’ve heard, it helped me create my own identity. Its design is tailor made for my face and my character. I knew what I wanted to look like and worked with what I had. I never wished for more or less, same way I accepted myself. I AM WHO I AM! My beard and I tell a story of patience , self-acceptance and designing yourself. There are many beards out there but I only know one, which is my own because I’ve been with it from day one.’

‘Chasing an image that isn’t yours is a waste of time.’

For many it’s just a trend that they need to get with and for some it’s a whole story. As this story unfolded I sat there thinking, how often are we getting drowned in the need to trend and never really look at the bigger picture? How many times have we tried to speed up a process because the trend bus might just miss us cause we caught on late. Trends come and go but who we are is moulded by us, we are stuck with us until the ground buries us and termites feast so how about making the most of it. It’s your story, tell! it well.

‘The advice I have for guys who want a beard is firstly ask yourself why you want a beard. Don’t want another man’s beard, work with what you have otherwise you will never actually enjoy designing your own look with what you have. Chasing an image that isn’t or you is a waste of time. Trust the process and be patient, every GLORIOUS BEARD you see is because that man waited his turn and enjoyed the journey. I recommend using @_BrothersBeard beard oil and balm. My beard was good before I started using the products but it definitely took it to another level. It went from, ‘That’s a cool beard,” to “Can I touch it,” or “I want one like that.” All in all take care of your beard and remember that it is a reflection of you so make sure it makes the statement you want.’

Listen, if you are not yet inspired you can go now, seriously. I do not know what else will, really. There is nothing in this life that comes without effort and full on commitment. We can’t afford to be lazy and hope for the best, who are we fooling? To all the bearded brothers, I salute you! I take nothing away from those without beards by the way, just putting it out there.

Brothers Beard beard oil and balm orders can be made online on their website www.BrothersBeard.Africa. They deliver all over South Africa, free delivery within Gauteng.

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