I love love love love love gifts! It is quite unfortunate that I rarely get gifts though, I often gift myself. When I can I gift those that I love and the trick to gifting someone is listening. Hints are dropped all the time, knowingly and unknowingly. I put this point out for the gentleman, do take notes!

  1. Speaking of notes gift idea number 1 happens to be a JOURNAL! Why you may ask? Because there is something amazing about writing, whether you are writing your dreams down or your prayers. Whether you are recording your days or writing letters to yourself. 100% therapeutic! Oh and maybe leave a few messages for them too, first page, middle page and the last page.

2. A scent! Every freaken body loves smelling good y’all. Everybody! But this is one gift that needs for thy giftee to listen very careful because it could really take a left. One may be allergic to that particular scent or they could hate it. So keep your ears open. Elizabeth Arden- Mediterranean, issa hint from me!

3. Scrapbook… I love this because it means this person took the time out to work on the gift, there is some love in that. Imagine going through one..

4. HEADPHONES! Music is a part of everyone’s life and we need it daily. On the go or during our ‘alone’ time. Its a perfect gift, for me, right now, cause mine were destroyed.


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