Grooming Tips That Could Save Your Social Life

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This right here is a very important part of our likeability, you laugh but it is real. Yes, we must give people a chance but please remember that our eyes and noses work before we have a conversation. Nobody wants to stick around for sweaty armpits or smelly feet, it is an absolute turn off! The fact that we experience this means someone out there needs to learn about it so, class is in session. (Class may continue in the comment section)


I am going to take this opportunity to ask men why they insist on keeping armpit hair, I have never understood this trend, the few that I asked said that removing was unmanly and weird. What is your reason, could be different.

All the same, it is essential to remove pubic hair especially in summer because we sweat more then and having pubic hair means the odour is stronger. No amount of roll could save you and quite frankly, it is not attractive! If you are trying to get someone to go down on you, meeting a sweaty bush or a non-sweaty one is not going to work in your favour.

Ok, so you have removed it. If you have shaved please use a good after shave product, the bumps are not sexy either love! Find a product that works for you, if you are bowling on a budget methylated spirit works too. You are welcome!


Ladies, keeping a weave on for years is a call for disaster. Do not do it!

Go in for your usual haircut or a new hairdo. If the pocket says no then simply make sure your hair is clean and is moisturised, lack of moisture makes your scalp flakey and that can be embarrassing. Get your own products and do it from home, what we would just like to meet up with is hair that looks like it actually has an owner.

When it comes to hair products, talking from experience, you need to try as organic as possible. I tried a product that really messed up my scalp, so please be careful. And stop hopping onto every trend.


Gentlemen hear me out, it is necessary, not GAY! Pedicures prevent bad odours and skin from hardening whilst manicures help improve joint mobility. If you think I am lying, google it.

Ladies, you do not have to leave with a set of nails done, the grooming of your hands and feet is enough too. I mean, the bill is way less anyway.


A part of me wanted to add a voice note to this instead of typing because I feel unheard. Let me try again MOISTURIZE YOUR LIPS!

Find a good lip moisturizer to move around with, gentlemen this is not gay it is called self-care. Broken, bleeding dry lips are not a good look. Petroleum jelly is a fave for me, thank God it comes in small packaging now.

Ladies give your lips a break from lipstick once in a while and moisturize them otherwise soon your lip stick will be cracking and it will not be because of the product. Try purchase lipstick that is moisturizing or making sure that 30 minutes before applying your matte lipstick, you moisturize.


By regularly I mean every 3 months, a toothbrush does not do its job when it is frayed and a slimy towel is definitely doing nothing for your skin. This takes me to, wash your towel after you bath! It will not take too much of your time, I promise.

Another little tip, have a separate towel for your face. The skin on your face is very sensitive so take care of it, why don’t you!


I agree flossing is disgusting but then it really does the job. It gets to places that your toothbrush can not and it removes plaque that can easily lead to cavities or gum diseases. It is advised that one flosses before they brush their teeth.

You may close this off with using a mouthwash, works on bacteria that infect dental sockets and gums. It also gives you fresh breath!



I hate that we are having this conversation, I just want to say that first of all KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE. Buying a lotion that reads ‘for dry skin’ when you have oily skin is definitely going to have you looking ashy.

Use products that work for your skin and note that different things work for different seasons. For instance I use a lotion in summer but in winter I switch to a cream because the conditions don’t work for a lotion.

Last thing, moisturize your back, it is part of your body too you know.


We talked about keeping the armpits clean and all but then, what are you using to block the sweat? Roll on or antiperspirant, whichever hill you choose to die on we are grateful. It may, however, take time to find something that works for, you.

Let me help you out a little here:

Deodorant – protects against odour

Antiperspirant – protects against sweat and odour

Choose wisely.

You may top this up with a cologne or perfume of your choice for that extra zing! Again keep in mind these are seasonal, so know your stuff and your skin!

That is all from me today, I ask one thing though, when you are done reading this please share it to save a life. Thank you! CIAO!