I sat in church on Sunday, looking at a young adult that i often bump into when i go out clubbing. Immediately my heart broke, not only for the two of us but for most if not all young adults.

How is it that we are stuck in the things of the world so much that we can hardly remember to thank the Lord for the things he has done? How is it that we love getting lost in the music and alcohol and not in the holy spirit? How is it that we can party till the am and not be able to survive an all night prayer? How do we find peace in drugs and marijuana and not in the arms of God?


Actually I need to find the person who managed to brainwash young adults into thinking that when they have troubles their peace is in alcohol. How? We read stories about pastors feeding people snakes and what not and we think the congregation is so stupid. Well newsflash so are you if you find ‘peace and joy’ in alcohol and drugs.’ They say its a lifestyle and a mechanism to cope with life.Which life are we really trying to cope with?  ‘My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.‘Psalm 51:17 Should this not be our cry, with every inch of brokenness and hurt the Lord still takes us in.Why then do we choose temporary solutions, alcohol wears off and a daily dosage has never been healthy for us. What are we doing?

premarital sex

How is it that young ladies feel whole only after having sex? How is it that you are the greatest when you have slept with many? Since when are nudes the best way to kick start a career? ‘Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;‘ 1Corinthians 6:19 This scripture is only thrown to guys or girls that are deemed unworthy of ones touch. Used out of context and has lost its meaning completely. Where are we headed with this behavior?

The same hands that we raise to worship him in church are the same hands that stroking anothers wife or husband at the backseat of a car. The same body we move as we dance during praise turns around to twerk in every bar in the city. The same mouth…. I cant even go on. I yearn for someone to fix me, fix us all so we stop breaking the Lords heart. Jesus was tortured, nailed on the cross, shed blood and tears for us but we turn and around and give just a quarter of our hearts and time. Who else could stand up right now and die for your sins? Would bae be able to handle being lashed? Would bae handle the crown of thorns being set on his/her head? Would the world carry a cross for you?Would it be nailed to a cross and bled to death just for you? Visualize all that he went through and imagine his pain, He had a choice to walk away and not do it. But for you and I He chose the pain and here we are choosing this world that will perish.


Am i the only one who feels like at times God does not want to hear us? Like he hears your voice and says ‘Im tired of forgiving this one,mute her please.’ I know He doesn’t cause his love can not be measured and is unconditional. Its our own guilt that has us feeling unwanted by God because we have stepped out.

My words don’t even express how i truly feel. It breaks for us all, for us and our selfishness. It breaks for the seeds we are sowing into our lives. It breaks for the hurt we are soon to cause ourselves. I guess every story has an ending and soon ours will be over, good or bad. We are writing our own scripts, our children shall read or suffer the consequences. We all have choices to make, set the blame game aside  and take responsibility for your actions. Choose change.

help me god



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