Last week I was still trying to get my life back in order and so I totally missed the opportunity to crush on a blogger so I decided this week I would double crush. Extra work on my hands but hey, I love it none the less. Last weeks crush was the cousin to THOUGHT AFTER THOUGHT who takes his thoughts halfway and transcribes them beautifully. Give it up for the one the only Teemadzika.

I read through his blog and I must say his writing is captivating. He has mastered the art of capturing you within the first 2 sentences. Your curiosity will nag you, even after you log out so I say just read and spare yourself the nag. His blog has three categories my fave being: I’M TRYING TO MAKE SENSE. Well if you know me well, you would know this is because I myself try to make sense of every little thing too. He dribbles from one topic to another and with each one he paints the picture of reality and merges it with comedy, I think that is for control. I love how he manages to place you in the situation so easily!

Do check out his other categories here:


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