Remember a few posts back when I told you that this year was a, ‘bleh,’ year. When I got to this days challenge topic I realised that I only managed to meet me. Weird right? I bring me!

I have been through the most this year and I might put it in a song or in a book. As I went through it all I learnt a few things about myself. I met the Nobuhle who can do bad all alone, enjoys her own space and her own thoughts. Over the years I tried to make myself believe I did better in the midst of other people, that I needed a team to achieve a goal because on my own I am bound to fail. 2018 taught me I am enough for me, its been hard breaking out and starting businesses on my own but did I DIE? Did the fear disappear, no, but I know now that trying is the very first step. 

I met the Nobuhle who endures painful situations. I can say this is the second year I have been so unhappy. At times I wondered if death would be more peaceful than life. It really has been an emotionally draining year for me but with each day I found a way to stay alive. To hang on and do what I needed to do. I found hope in something, even when it was so little it kept me alive. I know now that I will not break easy, in me there is strength to take me through the hell fire. I will survive.

I met more parts of me that I am not ready to talk about. This year of 2018 I found me! I love you Nobuhle! Ciao 

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