So I’m sitting here trying to put this to play in my head. Let go back to 2004, I was in grade 7 making me 12 years old. At that time i was careless, all over the place and confused. I was still trying to figure out why people kissed because from my end it was disgusting, swallowing each others saliva EEEWWWW!!

So how is it that in 2015 a 12 year old child is looking or asking or initiating sex. HOW? Did she sit there and be like ‘ay grown ass nigga come stick that dingaling in me?’ Or did she just strip for him and lay there waiting for him to do something? Did she play a seductive song and danced for him till he gave in? Rather did he walk up to her like, ‘ay i need some, can you hook up?’ And she responded ‘yes papi,lets do this!’*grins* Nah none of that makes sense to me.

Hold on, so this judge & the law enforcers in Zim sat down and discussed this and found that a 12 year old could actually make sensible decisions pertaining sexual acts. At the age we are meant to be teaching them on how to keep themselves pure we are saying, its fine if you want to anyway? Are we giving perverted men and women a go ahead to pick up these young vessels to just use and abuse in the name of law? I sat back for a while and thought do these law enforcers actually have kids? Would they sit back and smile when the same happens to their own? Unanswered questions….#sigh

The word of God says in the last days barbaric things shall happen but this, I cant! Innocent children will get raped and its all going to be ok, we just let it be. May the Lord be with us Zimbabwe!

#hurt #angry #confused-Manyovest

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