For a long time, I have loved watching love and I had given up on its existence for me. I had accepted that I would never find it so I decided to watch it in other people. What I have learned is that it is indeed beautiful but it can be ugly too!

This topic came about when I bumped into this tweet, I could not believe what I was reading. Check it out below…

So by the time I was done reading I was gagging in my mouth but then I was pretty curious too. So I started googling about the effects of ingesting menstrual blood, turns out it kills you slowly. I was shocked!

But as I read I also found more stories on women feeding their men menstrual blood and what we like to call ‘livers.’ I have never been more shook in my life! WARNING: It’s pretty disgusting!

Correction to the other sis it’s, ‘he worships the ground I walk on, ‘ I mean… This is how far people out there are willing to go for love. To bind the knowingly and unknowingly with menstrual blood.

This spoke volumes to me about the insecurity that lives in us as humans. In this case we got to hear of what women have done, I do not want to know what men do, at least not today. But how do we get here? How do we allow fear of losing someone drives us to do the unspeakable?

Wherever you are today, love is not to be forced on someone. You are only selling yourself a dream because now the person you have bewitched or bound is not with you out of pure love, just a forced bond. So did you really win? You are playing house with a zombie.

I said what I said. If you have heard I outrageous things being done for love, please do tell. I probably won’t read today though! CIAO!

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