How To Deal With Negative Emotions

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

Ever wondered why the color blue is used when someone is feeling low? So I went and googled it and it turns out that blue is used when referring to negative emotions because it is associated with water, ice, coolness, and distance (I guess the ground and the sky?). When you think of all the things mentioned, they do at some point make one blue, an icy place, distance from the one you love, etc. Interesting huh…

Well, we all have days when we are feeling blue, could be because we had a disagreement with someone or that we entered into a season that reminds us of a painful memory. Before trying to deal with negative emotions you need to know why you are in that state, it helps to deal with it.


If you have someone you trust with your emotions whom you know has your back then give them a call and have a heart to heart. Talking about things is a good outlet only and only if you are talking to the right person. Choose wisely.


This is the equivalent of talking to someone only that it feels safer. So if you have the fear of being judged or there just isn’t anyone you trust around, use your journal. You may even find that you pour your heart out more than you would to another human being.

If you are a blogger and you use it as a way of ranting, hello new blog post!


We have been told that crying is a weak emotion as we grew up, trash that mindset. If it hurts and you need to cry then cry. We have become such zombies, walking things out in the name of strength. Well dear zombie, you will die from holding things in. Feel when you need to feel.


We do this thing of trying to mask our emotions by surrounding ourselves with people, hoping to catch onto their happiness. I do not think it works that way. Take time to yourself, figure things out. It is at this time that you will learn more about where the emotions are coming from.


Depending on why you are low, sometimes reminding yourself of who you are and what you are capable of doing is all you need. Shut down the negative voices!

Find your routine and work with it, you are not weak for feeling, you are just human. The mistake is in staying down for way too long. Hey, have a great day. CIAO!