How To Deal With Work-related Stress

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

Work work work work work work… Did you sing it? You are the one. Work can be super fun but it can also be exhausting. The workload piles up especially in the last and first week of the month. Deadlines will be closing in and people are on your case. After that you are drained and barely want to leave your bed for work, you are unproductive too. if you are not careful work stress can take a toll on your health and your well being.


I know what you are thinking, but it will not mean a thing if your wind up in hospital. Quick question, will they be waiting for you with a promotion when you get discharged? Nope, you may be replaced too. So let home be just that for you, home, a place for you to take your mind off work and relax.

What if I work from home? Great question cause you are talking to someone who works from home and it took a while to find a balance. I had the same number for business and my social life, mistake! I found myself talking to clients at 10 pm because they could see me online so I fixed that and dedicated one number to business and the other to my social life.

Then I found myself battling with a time difference factor with some of my clients, my sleeping time is when they were waking up and ready to communicate. It started to strain me until I set boundaries, they can drop their messages, I will respond when I can and if we need to voice call we set the appointment in advance.

I became strict with myself when it came to working times, so after my morning routine, I am at my desk by 9 am. I take an hours break for lunch, get back to work until 6 pm unless there is a need for me to work overtime, I do not.


Your productivity counts on a good night’s sleep, so do yourself a favor and shut down early.


When you are burnt out it is ok to take a step back for a minute. All contracts state how long one is allowed to take time off work, so apply for time off. In that time go on an adventure and allow yourself to recharge. When you get back, you will be on top of your game.

Freelancers are guilty of overworking and never taking the time off, I get it because the pressure is real for us. Our bills depend on the amount of work that we put in, however if we run out of fuel then there will be a jam. One weekend away will not hurt, as a matter of fact, include an adventure in your self-care routine every month. It doesn’t need to break the bank but do take some time out.


I can feel the tension already, stop it. We often think of the monetary factor first, this is the reason we stay in workplaces where we are unhappy. This action counts when the problems you are facing seem not to have a solution and if you feel used and abused. Iy your supervisor is a monster or your manager keeps grabbing on your behind, yep, close the door.

I remember leaving a job that had me dreading getting out of bed, I had no plan but what happened is I started to see bigger and better opportunities for myself. It is a scary move to make but your mental health is more important than a cheque in the mail. Believe me.

Freelancers, (read as Buhle), please let go of a toxic client. We often think that every cent count, well so does your mental health so that cent can go. Believe me, when I say for every toxic client you let go of you will find two more that are kind. Our lives are already tough, we deserve kindness.

Your wellbeing has to be your top priority, always. Please remember that. This series is still going as we talk about self-care in its many facets, stay with us and by that I mean subscribe! CIAO!