How To Deal With Your Heartbreak

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 3 comments

Alcohol, even after you quit you will need the alcohol, put your back into chugging it! Uh-huh, now that you are here let me be serious. Heartbreak is one thing we can not avoid, unless of course, we isolate ourselves from the world, good luck trying that. We are broken by life experiences, family members, friends, death and of course the ones we choose to be those special somebody’s in our life. A few tips on how to heal, here we go.


Surprise or no surprise it is going to sting. You need to take some time out because chances are the emotions are very intense and being in public won’t work for you. It is ok to close the door, cry, scream, shout, roll on the floor if you need to. Do it!


Yep, I know you think it’s best you avoid this but I tell you it helps. There’s a little science to it, reading such content helps to reboot logic centres of your brain that your emotions may have shut down. Grab a book! You could try starting with The Kings that didn’t need this Queen or UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU.


My mother always felt like this didn’t help, I don’t know how she would think that when sad music makes you feel like you are not alone. And because you feel like you are alone it normalises the grief. See, a whole trick!


Your self-care rituals play a very big and important role here. Do whatever it is that restores and boosts your sense of self. Do it before you think about meeting new people. Show yourself some love.

These are formulas that have been tried and tested in the YouBeYou Matters of the Heart Institute. Try them at your own risk! Add to the list in the comment section, let’s heal together! CIAO