I went out and got the dictionary meaning for the word rut because we have been using it wrong, well, I had been doing this for a while. So a rut is a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.

I used to wait these out and whine about my life being horrible, it felt horrible and I am sure it looked horrible for those who were watching from the outside. I would write about how things were so dark, how life hated me so much. Life did nothing to me, I did this to myself. I refused to face the truth and fix what needed to be fixed. So obviously the first step is to…


We often find ourselves in a rut because the goals we set out did not come to life, but chances are this is because we thought about the goals and figured it was enough. There is a need to write down your goals and have a plan. This way you know what you need to do instead of moving around like a headless chicken. If it is written you can always refer it.

With a plan, you can set monthly goals which means your steps are guided and you head towards the bigger goal without fail. Then comes the part where you review your work every week or every fortnight to make sure you are being productive. You can pick up on the mistakes that you made and find solutions for them.

Please note that you need to set REALISTIC goals, we love putting so much pressure on our lives. We want to be Bill Gates in a year and completely forget that so much can happen in our journey before we reach the ultimate goal. There are falls and failures that will slow us down. And please remember that it is ok to fail, learn the lesson, get up and MOVE!

Guess whose ball keeps rolling? YOURS!


This will never get old, by now you are rolling your eyes at this point but that is ok. I will not stop until you understand that it is important!!


Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut because of fear of the unknown and fear of failure. It weighs us down and makes us feel like no matter what we are doing, there is no way we will make it to where we are trying to go. This could be because of words that have been said to us in our growing up.

They need to be nipped in the bud. We like using the saying that goes, ‘words have power,’ and then we turn around and underestimate the words that have been said to us. We want to pretend that we are the strong ones that would NEVER let words weigh us down, but they linger at the back of our minds.

Words spare no one and you have to save yourself. The best way to do that is to go in for therapy sessions, talking to someone about it helps you get past it and get your life back.

Listen, it is normal to find yourself in this place but the mistake is to allow yourself to stay in it. The days are dark and the atmosphere feels heavy, almost as if it will choke you but you are stronger so get up and move. You have goals to reach! CIAO!