How To Let Go Of Your Past And Love Yourself

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

A horror story for many. If you are reading this right now and your past is the reason you are closed off and isolated I want you to know that you are not alone. I have been there too. I was hurt and my anger did not allow me to do as much as give myself a chance. I stopped seeing my potential and my strengths, I allowed past events to swallow them completely. When people complimented me, I developed hate for them because to me they were liars. Love? What was love in a world that seemed so cruel.

So I know wat you are going through and I know why you need to get out of the place you are in right now. Time is wasting and you are not growing any younger, your dreams are on hold over something that is long gone. Over someone who is living their best life and might have forgotten you already. This is not the hill you are going to die because together, we move.

  1. Acknowledge your errors. We make mistakes, the people around us make mistakes that affect our lives. So write them down, and not in a blaming tone because that is not going to help you in any way. Your list topic must read ,’I accept that…’ and you will find that as you write you will find that it feels more like a release. That is what you need, to release the negative emotions about whatever it is.
  2. Ask yourself the tough questions. How did this happen? Why did I do this? Is it really my fault or am I looking for an excuse for this person’s actions? The toughest thing is to take responsibility for your own actions. When you realize that there are things you walked into all on your own you want to bury yourself, but here is what you should do instead

Start a list that reads, ‘lessons I learnt…’ The answers to your questions lead to the lessons Avoid writing down things like ‘not to trust people,’ this when read back fills with anger. Instead write, ‘to take my time to get to know people.’ Positivity needs to replace the negativity you have been moving with.

That is all you need to take with you going forward, the lessons because they will be of help in the future. Maybe not for you but for other people. In the lessons could lie a business idea that will take you places, talk about an authentic brand story filled with emotion.

  • Forgive yourself and whoever else made it on that list. If you are still in touch with them then call them and talk it out, meet for coffee and conversate over some cake. Keep in mind that this person may or may not accept their wrong or acknowledge your feelings, it is ok. The important thing is for you to let them know. If they are no longer in you life, write a letter addressed to them, you can always burn it after.

‘I forgive myself for,’ is the title of the next list. This is the final stage to accepting your mistakes and letting them go. These can be burnt along with the letters you will write. The only list you may keep is that of lesson’s.

  • Move. Dust yourself off and go live your life.

Welcome to freedom, happiness, and fulfillment. J.Cole said, ‘There is no such thing as a life that is better than yours. Love yours.’ Remember that. CIAO!