Let’s be friends! Seriously, if you think we would vibe, you know where to find me. Let’s get to talking. Today’s blog post is dedicated to those who do not believe in creating friendships. This may be a trauma response to something that may have happened in the past, betrayal or I don’t know, betrayal? It is very normal to find yourself in this space after someone you trusted stabs you in the back. We have all had one or two of those friends in our lives but we can’t let those people steal from us like that.

I did write an article on how to make friends as an adult, read it here. Now let’s talk about finding people who care for you, people who see you and love you for who you are. First of all, you obviously have to be yourself, we tend to want to set a standard that doesn’t fit with who we are because we want to be accepted. I tried it, pretending to be someone you are not is a job that doesn’t pay. Chile, drop it.

After all, you need authentic people around you, so shine your light and let them respond. Secondly set those boundaries and do not waver. Quite frankly people who choose not to respect the boundaries you set are very problematic, and in most cases are toxic. People may not agree with your boundaries, that is fine, but respecting them means they care. It means they are patient enough to wait for you to open up, and let them in, they want to watch you grow and heal. I do not know about you but that sounds like friends that deserve your time.

Lastly speak them into existence. Include them in your affirmations, how you may ask? Let me give you a few examples of affirmations that makes sense. Say:

My friends are loving.

My friends are respectful.

My friends have great communications skills.

My friends are outgoing.

My friends are hard workers.

Don’t say:

I don’t want disrespectful friends.

I don’t want friends that dress funny.

I don’t want friends that call me a lot.

I don’t want friends that sing.

I don’t want friends that drink alcohol.

What must the universe do with your list of don’ts? What must they give you? Tell the universe what you would like so they can carve it for you chile. Be specific! Can I also say if you say the right affirmations out loud and then put zero effort into being in the right spaces to meet people then you are not helping yourself. Last week we spoke about taking action, it was in terms of your spirituality but it counts! Go read about it. I hope you find great and awesome friends in 2021, the type that won’t snatch your man. CIAO!


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