“We don’t ever see fall cause we stand too tall, got a spring in every step looking like we ball.” – Tehn Diamond

If you felt like you were falling out of the blogging feels, get up. The year has to be finished really strong so let’s do a little cleanup and act right exercise.

We have been blogging for 8 months now and surely we have learnt something. Makes me wonder, how often do you look at your stats & REFLECT? Not so much huh…

The slightest change is important to note down. Whether the stats grew or fell there is a reason that happened. The moment you know it, you can are about to win. If it’s positive then milk it, if it’s a negative turn it into a positive. So, go on, reflect!

Switch up on your MARKETING dear blogger. Ok, so you are now designing the cover art via canva, yay! Then what? You need to keep engaging people on your social media because it will drive them to your blog. So find fun games to play that link to your theme. Run a competition, start a debate, do something!

We absolutely love your blogging skills we do but it would be nice to bring in one or two guest bloggers per month. It would be awesome to be a guest blogger as well. Get onto a fitness blog even if your blog isn’t about fitness, test yourself a little. Get out of the comfort zone!

As Africans, we were raised to be conservative. I remember being told that talking about menstruation with boys was a bad thing, they were never supposed to know when you were on your period. Listen, TAKE A RISK this spring and blog about the things people don’t want to talk about. Start the conversation!

MEET UP with bloggers, go for events and mingle. Important! (I need to take my own advice tbh) You get to talk to different people ana learn so much. Just don’t get there and make it a point that people here all about you and you don’t listen. NO! And uuuhhmmmm have your business cards ready. You are welcome.

Close the year with a bang! Its only fair because you are absolutely bomb! What is your plan for September then dear blogger? CIAO!

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