One look into each others eyes and the spark was real. Couldn’t help but search for him in the crowd. Couldn’t concentrate for a min an my girls were starting to get mad. Actually they did until they set eyes on him too, fine brother. Dark skinned,masculine and slightly taller than me. ‘Oooooh,’ we chorused. Mesmerized I was but eh whatever it wasn’t going to happen, back to reality then….he grabbed my hand. Yes lawd, prayer answered!! Got to talking and I was grinning so much my jaws hurt. Exchanged numbers and that was the beginning of it all..

Whatsapp was the platform for heartfelt conversations between us. We would talk all day, put work aside just to find out if the other was doing fine,PERFECT!..Date set,an we were both excited until..His love for alcohol and his normal routine got in the way. ‘I gotta chill with the boys I will call you.’..’ We just having a few drinks,I’m coming.’..’Babe come where we are,I’m with the boys.’

Shut the front door and back the truck up!! Nigga say what now??..Let me tell you what I think an I speak for every lady out carefully..

‘I’m out, yeah I’m out,..I’m not your after the boys chill zone..I’m not the one to be set aside for your lonely days..I’m not your after dark gateway..Surely I am not stupid.. You want to chill with the boys daily, take your gay ass there,we through. Next time don’t drag nobody into your gay schedule. Oh you want to apologize? For what exactly? Matter of fact shut up, take your ass to the corner and think about what you did..Nah as a matter of fact get out of here! I AIN’T GOT TIME!!’

Niggaz be time wasting..mxm..girl-rejecting

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