*Part time web designer, part time model and full time Event coordinator.*

In she waltzed looking so bubbly, hardly looking at where she was going cause twitter. Alma was in black ripped denims and a cute lime top. A lazy Saturday look yet she still looked stunning, had me motivated to hit the gym immediately. Sitting across me was a young lady with such a beautiful smile absolutely ready to tell me about her love for modelling.


‘I started modelling when I was 6 years old and then it was not by choice. My dad picked me up from school one day and informed me he had registered her for a role for beautiful beginnings. Till today I am not sure what made him think I would be interested or good at this. I had no choice so I just went for it, and it went well.

After this particular gig I only resumed modelling in 2012 when I was in university. I needed to make extra money and this was my way out. The first gig I got was a fashion show for a designer house, House of Jade. I do not really like the runway, I am more of a photo shoot girl. I also enjoy promotional modelling, I remember doing a gig for Hunters I enjoyed every minute of it.


My challenge was height, the agencies in Joburg were very strict on height. Their mark was 1.85m and here I am, pretty girl at 1.71m. The other issue was colour, its whites and Indians before blacks and when the blacks are considered it has to be the blackberry ladies first. The darker the berry the sweeter the juice huh.


When I back home I began looking for an agency little did I know that back home I had to pay to help someone make money off me. I was shocked to be honest and each one that wanted me to pay I walked away. I finally found one, it’s nice and I say that because I didn’t have to pay to join. It’s called Iconic Management, I encourage many to join because it is free,’ and she laughs.



Thus far I have learnt that this young lady is a lover of free things. But who isn’t right, I wouldn’t think twice if there was a place I could get free ice cream. Would you? Ok I am totally side tracking, let’s get back to the star of the moment.
‘My family has really been supportive when it comes to my mini modelling career. My mother has been my go to for advice and in as much as she supports me she will not have me participate in pageants. She believes that they lead to what she likes to call immoral acts for the crown. My sisters are my fashion gurus or must I call them my designer store. They take care of my wardrobe when I need something sleek for a gig. Love them to bits!’

Am I the only one who thinks at times she cheats her sisters? Yes? No? Ok.. Almaz spend a lot of time on social networks with snap chat being her favourite out of all of them. She is addicted to it, I bet she will be snapping at every shoot she goes to. She also runs the instagram page Party 4 2nite, yes she keeps us looped in on events.
‘To the world I say to you wait for me, I will be on a billboard for Maison De Rouge. Dreams are coming true soon.’

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