Today I am going to ask for a favor from you. Step out of your thoughts and opinions, today you are stepping into a fat girls shoes. So clear up your conscience and lets get into this.Ready..?? Let’s go..

At 14 she gained weight and became the talk of the streets at school. They named her Scud, cause they said her body was shaped like the bottle of scud. She laughed it off because there was no running from it. She was named 8ball because she was a black girl and she was plus size. Again she couldn’t run she could only laugh and hurt from the inside. What else could you possibly do? Where do you go? Who do you tell? As they enjoyed themselves she cried herself to sleep.


Back home where she wished to find solace, she was dragged further than she could have ever imagined. Daddy went on business trips and brought everyone gifts hers was a beautifully wrapped box. In it was a neatly packed jump rope. He turned and said to her, ‘you need to lose weight.’ Her brother never took a chance to let her forget that she was fat. Even when she wanted to join the choir he told her she couldn’t because she couldn’t sing and that was also cause she was fat. Her sister called her a baby elephant, now lets take a minute and reflect on this. A baby elephant is huge and someone just compared her to it, how is this even right? Baby elephant, sigh..

baby elephant

Her many boyfriends told her she could never much of herself. Shot her down every time she tried to run and lose it all. The streets weren’t any nicer and so she chose to move with headphones everywhere she went. She didn’t need to hear it anymore, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had a friend who thought it great to grab on her ‘extra flesh’ in public and laugh. This was her life, no adventure and no peace because of words spoken to her.

She hid from life. She withdrew from life. These words grew on her like moles and ate her up. They left holes in her heart and on her self esteem. She looked in the mirror and saw a person worthy of jump ropes and equal to an elephant. The wounds healed but the scars never left. At times she wished she could disconnect herself from everyone and just start afresh in  a world were cruelty didn’t exist. A world were insensitivity was just a myth. She prayed God would take her because she couldn’t bare to live another day under the scorn. To her those words burnt, she could have sworn heaven was no more for her.


* The power of the tongue brings life or death..*

How you feeling? You like being her?

This girl is me. I write this today because in as much as I have become a strong person I hate that plus size people are treated the way they are. We too could talk about the way we can count the ribs on your body through your clothes. We too could talk about the way your knees click when yo walk. We could talk about how you probably pick clothes from the kids section. But *INSERT KERMIT HERE*

For every fat girl, I ask….

I’m obese, so what?

Is it your cost to cover?

Is it suffocating you,if so then you probably ain’t in your lane.. Kindly step back, thanks.

I’m 4 sizes bigger than you,so what?

You buying my clothes?

You helping me carry my body around?

I’m fat, so what?

What does it have to do with you?

Listen, unless your body is perfect do not talk about mine!

Unless you want to challenge God’s image shut your trap!

As a matter of fact take a look in the mirror,

Now let this sink in,

Whatever it is you are insecure about DO NOT take it out on another human being,

Go and figure yourself out,fix yourself up.

My fat is not putting food on your table..

My fat is not fixing your broken heart..

My fat is not an answer to your loneliness..

My fat will not erase the comments made about your body..

I am not the answer to any of your problems..

Just in case you thought BIG was UGLY nah boo boo,

BIG is beautiful,

Actually let me fix that, we are all beautiful because we are made in God’s image.

Again I say,


so what



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