This is an open letter to the girl that would not leave him alone. The same girl that would give my man (ex) shoulder rubs whilst I sat right beside him. Did I keep quiet? No, I went ballistic on the him. I have a rule whereby I confront my man and not the other woman. Maybe I’m soft but the person I need to fix is the one I might spend the rest of my life with and not a cunt that cannot keep her hands to herself and legs closed.

Her presence drove me crazy. She was everywhere and it didn’t take long for me to dislike her. Even looking at her smile became nauseating. At first, I brushed it off. I trusted him. When it finally got worse I told him that I was not okay with his friendship with her. I didn’t even tell him to leave her alone, I just expressed how I thought it would be a good idea for her to keep her distance. The girl was turning into a pesticide-resistant weed. She was everywhere he was.

He said I was jealous. He even laughed when I told him. I understood the fact that they saw each other a lot because they were in the same class but the soft slaps, massages and back rubs were not okay with me. What kind of a woman is okay with that?

I wasn’t and it was not jealousy. I did not need to be jealous of her. It was the way she acted around him. Why would I be jealous of someone seeking the same attention that almost suffocated me sometimes. I just had a bad feeling about her intentions and a week after our heated breakup, they hooked up and the rest is history.

Here is what I don’t get:

Why text another woman’s man at 3am in the morning asking him for “help with an assignment” when there is google? Why whisper into his ear when she is right beside him? If that’s you, don’t even answer me. Just stop it, Join Tinder, get a man and get a life. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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