God will never put us in situations/seasons/assignments without preparing us or making us ready. So if you are in a relationship with HIM, he will tell you when you are ready. Everyone else can sit down with their opinions. You wonder why depression is on the rise, it’s because we are venturing into things that people are telling us we are ready for and yet we know deep down we are not ready.

Let me give you a biblical example: David was anointed to be King of Israel around the ages of 10-15 years but he only ruled and reigned as King at the age of 30. Can you imagine the “you are ready” statements he had to persevere through from friends, relatives etc. Those type of people that would say “God has anointed you let`s just plan a coup (kind of like what some country I know did 2 years ago, lol!) And dethrone Saul now”. People who were only after the immediate gratification without a care of how the young shepherd boy would be able to rule a nation. The kind of people that would not bother to take a second and ask the boy if he was ready.

I would like to believe that David had to say, “I AM NOT READY” so many times whilst he kept his FOCUS on God. We have no idea of the conversations he had with God when he was grazing his sheep. But all we know is God was definitely preparing him, a certain preacher once said the book of Psalms in the Bible was written by David before he became a King. It was all during his shepherding days, where no-one was there to see how God was making him ready to be King.

So when I say I am not ready, I am not being a coward. I am still work in progress and owe no-one any explanation. There is a lot happening behind the scenes but again no-one has to know. By the way David ruled for 40 years so the preparation was worth it!

It is still okay to say I AM NOT READY in a world that wants everything to be done NOW, even if it’s premature!

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