Yesterday my plan was to camp in my space, work on the intro of my book and a couple of blog posts but see things come up. I received a WA  message from a friend who said she needed my help, urgently. She almost always comes through for me so I was not about to say I couldn’t help when I did. She needed some cash, so we met up and withdrew the cash. Then  I figured might as well escort her where she was going, I mean I was out of the house already so whatevhaaarrrr. Plus she always feeds me after such trips, so the food lover in me stuck around.

Lo and behold we landed at a spot called Magogo, what happens here you ask. Bets! Her emergency was to go bet! She then said to me, ‘I dreamt the numbers.’ I for one am not one for this betting life, I just feel some typa way about it. Actually I just know my luck is the worst, I never win these things. Even the simple RT &WIN things. So putting money into such things is not my calling. Anyway she went on to draft her numbers, about 30 of them ranging from R3-R10. I had no idea what she was doing so I just called out the numbers for her.

We get to till and I am just there looking around, I looked as lost as I felt. Then in front of  me was the picture you see above. With all the confidence in me I said out loud, ‘Is it still tea time if you having it at 18:45?’ She looked at me confused, she says what are you talking about. I pointed at the paper and she burst into laughter. I saw the guy behind trying to hold in his laugh, I did not get it. My question was very valid to be honest, I do not care what anybody has to say. All the same turns out Lunch Time and Tea Time are names of the betting games. Yep slap your face with me.

Embarrassed emoticon with insecure smile

I blogged about this to save someone else from being a clown in the midst of betters. I also learnt the importance of asking before assuming, we often embarrass ourselves because we do not ask questions. Won’t you rather be informed than be empty? Well then happy Tea Time. Ciao

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