Stop.. you just have to stop..

Weak and torn..

Used and abused..

Yes i didn’t turn out to be the girl you expected me to be..

No I’m not willing to make that dream happen for you either..

Who says i should be the girl in your dreams anyway?

Who say that I’m obliged to turn around and go your way?

You think that you are bound to have your way?

No honey in this era things are going my way..

Now listen..


You used to tell me whats right to love but that’s all over..

I’m taking back all that belongs to me,  don’t cross over..

Don’t stretch your hand for me cause for me its all over..

In this moment place your bucket for my spill over..

I am here to let you know, my beauty is about to shine..

Remember the beauty you said i didn’t have?

Yes its about to blind you and the world..

Remember the love you said i couldn’t give?

Ooooh I’m about to dish it out to all those crossing my path..

Remember the body you said was unattractive?

Honey its a party for your eyes,but you cant have it..

Remember the brain with no brain cells?

I will have you know that the dead organisms have to brought me to life..


Everything you locked up so you could shine, its coming after you..

I found me, so honey your time is up..

Take your sorry self to the grave, that’s were you belong..

Get out of my seat honey your time is up..

How dare you make me take your ratchet place?

Take a hike, I said your time is up..

Yes i speak up just like you..

And I’m saying your time is up..

I do feel invincible, you trained me well..

Check your watch, your time is up..

I need for you to just go..

But before you go i want you to know..



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