If You Are Smart But Unsuccessful, Here Is Why

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Let’s agree that the most frustrating being you can be in the world is smart but unsuccessful. More-so because if you are smart it’s generally believed that you are destined to be a success.

You are probably more creative than many others.
Yet the reality on the ground shows hordes of dudes and chicks who work hard at drafting the best ideas or getting the best education only to live average or below it.

If you are a smart person who is not winning as much as they think they deserve you’ve probably asked yourself, “If I’m so smart why am I not successful yet?”
It is the wisest question anyone who wants to transform can ask themselves.

Let‘s get to the answer to it in a second.
You are smart but unsuccessful because you are being let down by unconscious and subconscious programming which you got unknowingly as a child and as you grew older.

Since it is unconscious, it therefore means that whilst you may consciously want the right things for yourself and for your reality, your subconscious has other plans which it sincerely believes are in your best interests.

The subconscious being more powerful than the conscious mind always wins.
Thus the only way to get the results you want is to make sure that what you want consciously, you also want subconsciously. If those 2 are aligned it happens.
The subconscious is very much spiritual, as a gateway to the collective unconscious. We will get into all of that later in this series.

For now the basic thing to understand and grasp is that your mind is not your brain. The brain is just an organ that processes what’s in the mind in as much as accessing Youtube videos on your phone does not mean that the videos themselves are on your phone.

Rather, the phone is just a device that has circuits that can access those frequencies.
Whilst you may not be aware of everything you got exposed to growing up that created what you keep going through. If you keep going through the same patterns it’s enough proof that there is something you need to change on the inside.
As above so below.

The question now is on how to change that.
Exploit your most relaxed states
As a baby, you spent most of your time in alpha and theta states up to the age of 7. These are the most receptive states that download from the environment into the subconscious. It was important for your mind to be in these states during that period because that’s when you were learning the world.

Not every word of the language you learnt from childhood was taught directly, you picked it up through exposure, just as you picked up the accents and general behavior of the group you were socialized into.

Whenever you are alert you are in a Beta state, this state does not allow information in without criticizing it. It’s the best state to cross the road in, but not the best for doing affirmations.

The alpha state however starts establishing as soon as you get relaxed and get into a state where you can visualize or have conversations with yourself in your head, daydreaming and so on. In this state you are 200 times more suggestible that’s why television adverts catch you relaxed on your couch in between your favorite sit-com.

Your mind is more fertile in that state.
Then below the alpha state is the theta sate. This is associated with sleep and dreams. It is even more fertile than the alpha state.So be careful what type of content you fall asleep to or even relax to, it better not be songs about struggle, inequality and heartbreaks.

Here is something you can use to your advantage.
Get a recording app and record your affirmations. I’m sure most people know how to make affirmations and fall asleep to them playing at a low volume on repeat. Just make sure they are all positive. Even if you don’t remember any bad incidents in your past assume they are there. Keep doing that daily when you sleep.

Clearing your energy field and raising your vibration
All electrical gadgets have an energy field, but we often forget that human beings are a 3.5 trillion Volt battery. If your phone with a 12 Volt battery can have enough energy to relay to phone boosters or to tether someone meters away. You can imagine how many vibrations every creature (not only humans) emits.
Thus since we mingle with a lot of people a day and get into public spaces it’s important to protect our energy and also to raise our vibrations.

I will be back with part 2 of this to tell you how.
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