I am a lover of wine, when troubles comes wine is a solution. When I am celebrating, wine is the draaank. When I am bored, wiiinnnee!! Those that know me very well know I am the girl who can pick the right wine for you. Yeeeessss! 

So one day we were on drive by mission with a few friends and I was handed a gin cocktail. I needed a drink and all I could think about was a bottle of sweet red wine, here I was being handed a a gin cocktail. Gin!! I wanted to refuse but it also looked really good, so I decided there is no harm in trying right. First sip and I was in love with that drank. Whoever made that cocktail did the thing. It looked like this:

 However I learnt that gin goes straight to your knees, it is dangerous. But issa whole mood! Ciao!

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