I am such a perfectionist and it comes off as really annoying to some people, well most people. But I met someone who understands the art of perfection, he is serious about his work and making the client happy and he is is Zimbabwean! Fellow Zimbabweans will understand my happiness because on most days, you fight to get the service and respect you deserve from a Zimbabwean. And on some days you get what you did not ask for, the art of lying is a thing in Zimbabwean businesses off late. I do not know if it is the love of money, but its been real.  

Back to the main man, his name is Kus and his company is called Knightlight Graphix, we met through a friend and at the time he wanted us to collab on some music. Through talking I learnt that he is also a graphic designer, he is a dope graphic designer I kid you not! Here is what I love about his work and his ethics, firstly he thinks outside the box. I have never had to crack my head to explain what I really wanted because somehow he taps into your energy and brings it to life. Secondly, he does not give up until you are satisfied. He wants you as the client to be happy and this is a rare quality to find in people nowadays. Thirdly for the quality he gives you, he is the definition of affordable! 

Listen for your graphic work please do contact Knightlight Graphix, I recommend only if I am satisfied and many know that. His work speaks for itself, I know you see it! Ciao

IG: @knightlightgraphix
Cell: +263 783 658 165

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