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That title is a bit creepy huh, Kill Our Demons, but as a matter of fact our demons do need to die. This album title is K.O.D which stands for , Kids On Drugs, King Overdosed,Kill Our Demons. What did I love about this album? Good question. 

J.Cole is another artist who addresses issues and leaves you questioning life. His music is not for those with a short attention span, those will get bored. You need to listen and understand. I love the fact that in his lessons he never loses his creativity, he rides on it and that keeps you listening. Addiction to drugs, money,smoking, drinking is addressed in this album in the best way possible.  I honestly need him and Joyner Lucas to camp and do something! Well then, that’s it! Ciao!

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  1. I am lost in the music world but i will get that album too. Asi my question is what happened to the clean Cole?

    1. When you say clean, you mean?

      1. He used to be clean shaven and all that nice smarts now all the dread lock and baggy clothes. The shift that was done by Kendrick too

        1. New look I guess, I mean who isn’t doing natural hair these days. Rock your fro bro, nappy hair is the trend!! ?.. Not sure about the baggy clothes though..

          1. I wish i could do that to my hair, first thing i need to get my own company first. Some hairstyles with our professions they don’t meet

          2. True, some hair colors don’t work either.

  2. kgchangunda says:

    Yeah this #2018BOTY is providing shocks like the 2018 World Cup. I don’t know what I was expecting you to pick but it wasn’t a J Cole album that’s for sure. He’s such a relatable artist. Well done to you.

    1. Do I want to know what you were expecting? ????

      1. kgchangunda says:

        Probably not hey.

        1. You shall tell me.

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