Yes you the man I am madly in love with, let me see your phone

I am tired of trying to trace your finger prints with no idea which direction I should go

I am sick of checking your birth certificate and trying to figure out the code

I am absolutely tired of asking for it whilst you asleep hoping that somehow you will blurt it out

What is it that you are hiding up in there?

And tell me why it switches from a code, to a pattern, to a face, to a fingerprint and back to 1?


Are there many Zaqcuisha’s that I should not know about

Do you have a baby mama from the past that you keeping under the bridge

Are you secretly gay or as you men say it ‘just exploring each other?’

What is it damnit?

Are you addicted to porn, is that the real secret?

Are possibly planning to leave me without a trace?

Is your family telling you I’m that bitch you shouldn’t be with?

Answer me damnit!!


Because right about now I’m starting to feel my head shrink

I’m starting to feel like this ship is about to sink

Slowly I want to search for the right link

I can’t do this thing of yellow and pink

Dammit let me see your phone!!

Does it make you happy to watch me beg you?

Do you feel more manly when I kneel for you?

Am I just a puppet, a funny show for you?

What is it?

Well I will have you know that today is my last

I don’t want your password or pattern

I will not be sneaking in to try your fingerprints

No I will not crack my skull to figure this shit out anymore

You know why?


Because a password ain’t what I need to unlock my trust

All along I let the demons in me question my trust

I allowed the demons in my friends to penetrate me and suck me out of my trust

I allowed cosmopolitans quiz games to rate our trust

I let them in our ball of trust

I allowed them to allow me to question my trust

But now, now I know your PASSWORD has absolutely nothing on my TRUST for YOU.

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