This morning I was listening to a song and along the way the lyrics said ‘I don’t need your opinion, I am not waiting for your ok. I will never be perfect but at least  now I’m brave. Now my heart is open, I can finally breathe.’ I felt like yes yes yes this is so how I feel right now.

How many times have people had so much opinion over the things you love and have a passion for. In their mind they have a right to take it away from you and carve you into their own person. Whatever you want to do they got to say OK to it and then its officially validated. A single mistake and you are a complete failure. One mistake and you cant think on your own, you need some sort of machine to help you think. As if their footsteps have been perfect. Don’t they just make you cringe? Do you ever feel like they need to be kicked, maybe punched , buried alive? I do a lot.


Tell me how you feel? How have you dealt with these people? Cause as for me I crumble, hit the ground hard and cry. I create a cell of hate for them in my heart till I can forgive them.  I forgive but never do I forget and every time that I remember I feel my hands heat up with anger. But does this mean I would have chosen to forget for a while and not that I would have actually forgiven? I don’t know, if it is just forgetting then it feels like forgiving. Short lived forgiveness.

Can we not get rid of these people? Loot them and stash them in that titanic ship and do it all over again. But then again would that not mean our strength would decrease? All that criticism they give us must be reason we have worked a little harder, hung on a little longer and pushed a little more.Maybe we should thank them for all they have done for us. For their mean words and lack of belief in us and our dreams. What do you think?

What if at one point we the ‘victims’ were just like our ‘villains?’ It is easy to adopt that which you hate because you feel like someone else should feel the way you have felt.Like you have the right to inflict it on someone else. Could it be?

The point is lets talk..



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  1. At the end of the day I’d say, if everyone has a right to their opinion by the same token… a person is allowed to hold the opinion that the other persons opinion is “wrong”… because that also in itself is an opinion…

    All people suppress other people opinions or world views one day or another. Except that we mostly feel how terrible that is when on the receiving end. On the other hand there are Universal Truths that have nothing to do with opinion…

    The Earth rotates around the sun, fire burns etc….

    Sometimes when people state actual known facts or universal principles, one maybe resistent to say…. I don’t need to hear that. But what them closing their ears to that truth will never make it a lie.

    But well, when it’s opinions, beliefs, world views and so forth I totally agree with the notion that no one dictates the OK on those. For all we know… both parties could be wrong.

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