Many have called it a journey but what is a journey with no destination? Where are we going? Are we in a tunnel that will lead us to a secret place where we all belong? Who knows the destination? So many questions, no answers.

Some say it is a roller coaster, this thought is nauseating, mostly because I have a serious issue with heights but I digress. Why are we spinning? I mean a roller coaster is worse than a journey because this means we are going in circles in one place, stagnant.

I have heard one say life is like a lemon, it will either leave you bitter or sweetened depending on how you handle it. Pause, where is the manual? Raise your hand if you didn’t receive the manuscript on handling this lemon life.

‘Life will school you,’ is a thing people say now. Let’s just get this clear for a minute so we went to school for school but at birth we were involuntarily enrolled into life for it to school us. So we never really needed the books? We were played? I guess this is where the saying, ‘we live and we learn,’ fits in. Right?


Life is about finding your purpose and living it they say. What I hear at this point is that we have a journey to find a treasure map that leads us to a chest that holds our purpose. If you do not find it for one reason or another then chances are you will be going in circles, welcome to the roller coaster. Frustration will kick in, voices in your head begin to sing songs of doubt. Doubt turns into whispers of anger, the lemon juice is seeping into your system. The bitterness lingers and never leaves and now you just living because death hasn’t found you and neither has your purpose. Battered and broken we live in a space of correction, I guess this is where the learning finds it place. Wisdom finds us, we start over and hopefully this time we don’t get lost as we search for that which brings meaning to our lives.

Purpose is a pre-destination and once fulfilled death becomes our final destination.

So does this make life nothing more than just breath?


(This was yet another challenge, I can’t remember who gave it me though.)

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