Shshshshshshshshshsh I speak now..

I’m sick of it, absolutely sick of it.

Your tantrums and stunts that hit 0 to hunnit.

We really cool now them tomorrow you want to hit the exit.

I’m your best friend now then you trip on yourself and oops I’ma get it.

Nah I’m through with it!!

You want to be loved but don’t want to accept it?

You want to be accepted but can’t stand it?

You want to stand tall but the stage ain’t the place for it?

Nah I’m done with it!


Im done with your confused self, done!

Im done with loving you,done!

Im done with fighting for you,done!

Im done with praying for you,done!

Absolutely done!

You like a vampire sucking each every ounce of my blood, draining.

You like a drug addiction beyond return, toxic.

You like a needle in a haystack,hidden.

You like a veld fire flaming, destructive.

So for my sake I’m walking away.

For the love of God Im taking the highway.

Tears I have shed would fix up a fall replica.

The pain you have caused is messing with my stamina.

Sorry doesn’t quite fix it, heard that before?

I bet you have from the other four.

Listen, I’m through with it.

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