Reflecting back

She has never quite belonged,

The world has not allowed her to have a place she called home ,

From the home she was born into wait she doesnt remember that place,

The place she grew up in wait she doesn’t remember that either,

She was taken home at some age by her parents finally,

That did not last long though becAuse daddy got a new job,

Goodbye friends I hope you will follow me because you love me,

A start over and again she makes friends and she loved home,

But mama and daddy had to take a trip to heaven,

Ooooh chile it will be well just one more home,

Grandma loved her so dearly but so did her many relatives,

Tossed up and down like a salad,

Dribbled back and forth like a ball,

She was moved from one place to another constantly resettling,

Constantly learning new rules and new ways to life,

But one day she got a home beautiful and warm,

Afraid to settle and love she grew into it,

A day turned into weeks,

Weeks into months,

Months into years,

Finally she was placed or was she,

It took one call and that was it uprooted to be rooted elsewhere,


This is when she knew that truly she belonged nowhere,

She knew she couldn’t rely on anyone to place her,

Her heart was torn into shreds that couldn’t be put together ever again,

Nobody understood why she never opened up so quick to anyone,

But she was tired of opening up and leaving a piece of her everywhere she went,

She never felt like she left all those people she loved behind,

Rather they left her behind and never made efforts to find her,

Nobody ever understood why she never made many friends,

Life has taught her to be afraid to make bonds because they would be broken by just one shift,

Life taught her to deal with pain in silence because she could only trust herself,

Everybody else seemed to be too busy planning her next shift that she only had herself,

She heard people say broken hearts heal But hers seemed to be breaking further daily,

She heard people say that the strangers will hurt her but it’s those closer that have broken her heart more than ever,

She heard people say there is no place like home she had never been a witness to this,

She stopped listening because she knew all there was to it were lies ,

There was no place for her,

At least not until she Placed herself ..

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