By nobuhle n nyoni

The Kings That Didn’t Need This Queen

Self Published Author

Nobuhle N Nyoni

When I wrote this book I was not sure how far I wanted to go, I felt the fear of judgement creeping in. What would people say about me? The journey of writing this book was filled with sadness, pain, and laughter.

I shared my highs and lows, the pain men caused me and the pain I caused them. Through all these relationships I did not realise how much my childhood had affected me and how it had shaped me. It took me  11 years to see this. Through my reflections, my book was born.


The book kept me engaged from the first chapter. I think what was so engaging was that each chapter was relatable to an extent and at times I found myself yelling asking why lol. It really did tap into my emotions and made me look into past experiences I have had and finding the root triggers.
It’s a must-read for those who perhaps struggle with self-love, relationships, or understanding key triggers. I would recommend, I wish it was longer, to be honest.

– Chengeto MAyowe


By briefly following The Kings from past relationships and the lessons that those taught, uBu navigates to the concluding reason of why these kings did not need her. This book isn’t a psychology textbook, but shares a remarkable insight on how the way you interact with a child,  might forever mark their future, for better or for worse……

– becomingthemuse


Sweet quick read. Felt like I was reading a letter from an old friend I haven’t spoken to in decades & just reconnected with. Loved ‘THE COINS ” … stuff we all probably know but hearing it from someone else served as a reminder of what we ought to do. Good job and congrats on your first.

– w.c

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