I go online for laughs on most days and then bam someone says something that kicks me all the way to, ‘my gosh you are right!’ I found faves on the net who most probably do not even know my name. So time to appreciate them! 

  1. The Misred, you need to follow her because she drops gems! My fave was when she spoke about being faithful to your happy. This is the hardest thing to do as a human being, and she said it is having a conversation with the inner you. Knowing what makes you tick and what makes you happy. That it is important to know what makes you happy as an individual, outside of people. Important! A few hours ago she posted about it being ok to spoil yourself because well, what if no one does and she bought herself a whole bouquet of flowers! Again I say, #BeFaithfulToYourHappiness

2. Mr_SuitUp, he is very well known for the wisdom he lays out on the stweets. Here is the one thing that I learnt from him this year, God’s timing is the best. And not only does one need God, one needs to prepare for the moment when the blessing manifests. I would stalk his timeline to find the tweets but that’s a TASK. He spoke of the days he dreamt of being were he is, the days he prayed and the days he worked hard and it seemed he was wasting his time but all that work turned out to be a seed that is finally blooming. It is a whole take away, even before they count you, count yourself. 

3. Tamy Moyo, listen I love this young lady. Her music is the actual plug. For every time I hear she has a new release I am there ready to hit download. She hits milestones one step at a time, and her humility is the one thing I appreciate the most. She makes it on this list because as I have watched her career grow, she is one person who is true to herself. She knew what she wanted to do from day one and it is all in her music. Such a pure soul! 

That is it from me, till next time, Ciao!

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