Listen, I was shook when I read this story. Shook to the last, it was a story of a mother and daughter who are in love. In love to the extent that they have sexual intercourse, yes, you read right. I read this story twice or maybe thrice before I would allow myself to believe that I had actually read it. I wanted to unread it, I did not want to believe that it was happening. This is a 2014 story but well I only read it this year and I can not seem to get it out of my head.

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Can you try imagine making love to your mother. Did you try? Eeeeewwww right? I wonder if they will get married, though. They might as well, there really isn’t a difference. I can imagine telling this story to my grandmother, first thing she would say is, ‘They are demon possessed.’ How does it even get to this point? They just decided to try kissing and they got turned all the way on and the sex was had? Did they see it in a movie then decided oh this could be fun? Did they have a heart to heart on some, 

Daughter: I am in love with you and I am sexually attracted to you mom.

Mom: I was so scared to tell you as a mother I should not feel this way about you but I do. I fantasize about you and I a lot.

Daughter: Me too and thinking about it is turning me on. ( Grabs hand and places it on vagina)

Bam, it was time! Ay man, I do not know. Thoughts on this story? I am curious to hear from you. Ciao

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