He was one of the first people to like my blog, follow it and actually shared my posts. We met here and there on twirra until a group got us stuck with each other, which by the way is not a bad thing. I have learnt so much from him including how to use Glutenberg, I promise you it would have taken a whole lot longer if he had not blogged about it. After he blogged about it he kinda sorta pushed me to try it, indirectly, the trap worked perfectly. All I am saying is thank you ~B. 

His blog post will always have you question whether or not you are having enough coffee in your life or he is just having too much or he is really getting paid by coffee companies worldwide for everytime he mentions coffee. Hhhhhhmmmm.. Must be the money! All the same for every sip of imaginary coffee you have with him you will find a life lesson. How? This one blog post he wrote on eating his dinner under candle light. In this food lovers story he couldn’t really see everything in his plate, he thought he was making love to a bone, the lights came back on and lo and behold he was kissing a pig! Moral of the story, invest in solar lights.

In another post, he wrote on mental poverty. This one picked my brain a little, do we choose this syndrome of just believing that we are worth the little that we have? Who is to blame for this mindset, if you ask me I would say it leans back on how we were raised. the words of affirmation that were constantly fed to us. In many African homes riches are for a certain callibre and so if you grew up poor then accept and know that that is what you get. As if the poverty is genetic, if your grandma and ancestors had it then honey you have it. I pray we learn that our stories will never be the same and sometimes the hardship mould our characters so we can appreciate the riches when they finally come.  The same blog touched on pettiness, listen I am not petty so I do not relate. Laugh with me please.

In conclusion Beaton will educate you through a mug of sugarless, milkless, lukewarm coffee and you won’t even feel it. Trust me I have felt cheated so many times, but the cheats come off with goodies. If you want to learn more on tech, he is the guy. If you are a sucker for life events with a lesson and tips, yep, check for ~B. If you are blogger trying to grow your blog and brand, he is definitely the guy! Mastermind behind @Afrobloggers and he speaks at fancy events about how to do the things. I am not lying, the proof is available on:

Tune in every Wednesday as we crush on a blogger!


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