Welcome to day 3, I am emotional already because this book did the things to me this year. I could not put it down yet I could not stand half the things that were happening in this book. 

Let me go straight to the point Kambili’s father enraged me! This man was such a hypocrite. He was a wealthy man, a big giver which by the way my Pastor says wealth is acquired through giving in the house of GOD. Never by prayer, just a lesson over here. Anyway, back to the book, with the elite status this man had he was the worst human being to ever live. He was abusive not only towards his wife but his children too. 

I get that he wanted the best for his children but what those children had was not a life. They were forever imprisoned and lived under the cries of their mother who from time to time tried to protect them. She couldn’t though, and she also pissed me off because she subjected her children to this monster and for what reason exactly? This is the african story though, the women stay for the sake of the children. In this case it was because she was a housewife, I imagine her mind trailed to thoughts of them suffering under her care. Under this mans wrath they had all they needed except happiness and freedom. She also had been abused to the extent of seeing it as love, so sad isn’t it.

This woman suffered miscarriage after miscarriage because he would beat her to a pulp. What sort of evil is this? The type we stick around for, that’s for sure. In another scene he poured hot water on Kambili, actually I lie, boiling water. He had her stand in the tub and poured it out on her feet. He walked out, like nothing had happened. Like he couldn’t hear the cries of his child the entire time, in his heart and mind it was a sign of love. Love is pain? Is that it? 

My lessons from this book are firstly do not envy people because of what you see from the outside. I imagine this family dressed to kill, their cars were the best of the best and it was all just beautiful, from the outside. We wish for the next person’s life yet we do not know how it is that they are where they are. We do not know what happens behind the scenes. In short, be content!

Secondly, abuse is not love. Do not stick around for the sake of…. If you find yourself seeking reasons to stay with someone who causes you pain you  are not in a good place. The moment you feel like if you are alone you can not conquer, you have officially lost the plot. You are enough for you, leave and take care of you. Better and brighter days are on the other side of the door, you just need to get on the other side. Peace and love unto you, cash to me!. Ciao!

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