Gentleman, welcome. Women had a few things they needed you to know and if I were you I would definitely keep reading! This may save your next shot.. or not!

  • THE PREMATURE ‘I LOVE YOU’ : Sir do not play me for a fool and lie unprovoked about loving me before you even know me. We just ain’t doing that, ok? GREAT!
  • ‘TELL ME SOMETHING SWEET’ : If I am feeling you, if your game lit then this is the one thing you will not have to request. Requesting it means your game DEAD!
  • ‘SEND ME YOUR PICTURES’ : This is creepy and annoying. Stop it!
  • MRS *INSERT YOUR SURNAME* : I get to decide if I want to joke around with this right here. You waking up and deciding to send a message reading, ‘Good morning Mrs…..” We will be out the door!
  • DID YOU ENJOY THE KISS? : What are you doing? Seriously, what are you doing? Go sit in the corner and think about what you just said!
  • ‘TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF’ : Yea well I am a part time serial killer, you riding or nah? Do not be the person who is found asking this question.
  • ‘WHEN ARE YOU FREE?’ : What if she is not free, then what? Make the lady want to make time, we all have set schedules. Time is made! So try, ‘Hey Bu, are free for dinner Wednesday evening?’
  • BEING FED : I speak on behalf of the women when I say this is not romantic. So please stop it! Maybe ask if she would like to be fed before shoving the fork in her face.

My work is definitely done here. My name is uBu, I said what I said! CIAO!

Keep watch for my book!! Coming soon…

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