Reasons Our Lives Are Unfulfilled

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We are the chosen generation,right? I mean can we surely sing and shout it out loud that we are chosen. We have it good and can totally conquer. I guess we sorta, kinda are but most of the time we are in limbo. You may be thinking, ‘Bu, I’m as stable as a horse,’ well then let’s see..

We were raised by the older generation yet we are the new generation. We have old generation customs and beliefs succesfully installed in us yet the new generation had its own customs and beliefs. Ever wondered why people seems to struggle to find themselves and be themselves. Yes, the voices of the older generation reign louder than our own.

The older generation will say stay in an abusive marriage, whether it’s emotional or physical, because that’s marriage. They will tell you of their own stories which often end in the man falling sick and needing them and finally appreciating them. Well, that’s cause they are dying and powerless obviously but ay, who am I to argue? Leaving a marriage makes one look weak in the eyes of the older generation, and we don’t like looking weak! Yet we also know the right thing to do is to walk away from abuse for our mental health! Hello limbo..

His words were not minced at all! We were carrying demons from our choice of churches, I just couldn’t can!


Speaking of mental health, ever tried to have a conversation about it with anybody from the older generation? I have, almost got clapped because my truth was just me being weak. Depression is non existent to them especially for men. Men are just meant to be strong, walk tall and NEVER CRY. Ever seen how men fight tears even at funerals. I imagine them wanting to cry so bad but then the voices in their heads keep reminding them how weak that is. #sigh

Let me touch on a sensitive issue for a second. The church vs traditions. This has to be the worst! Traditions come to play at funerals and weddings and some of them are super weird! The older generation did both, the church and tradition, made it look perfect as is. Then came us, with choice, we know more than just the church and tradition, we started a war. You become disrespectful for choosing to go against how you were raised. In a way you have called them senseless for their traditions and customs. This may lead to you being disowned, rejection being one of our deepest fears.

I know these 3 examples have opened your eyes as to what I am saying. We were raised a certain way, then we grew up and realised we were not those people. Each of us different in their own way, the hardest part of it all being making the choice to shut out the voices of society and just being yourself. You hear yourself speak from deep within, but because you have been told it’s not right you start to believe it and cage yourself in.

Story time! My grandmother went to Methodist church, I can’t remember which one. But she was well known, some sort of leader in the church too. When she passed on,the pastor was from her church. The entire sermon he was scolding us, her grandchildren, for going to churches that are poisoning us and embarrassing her. His words were not minced at all! We were carrying demons from our choice of churches, I just couldn’t can! If we didn’t know who we were or what we wanted we would be in Methodist churches today because his word game was lit! But we laughed about it during the sermon via WA.

If they are happy then they are happy!


Then for some we play both worlds depending on where we are. When you die, different stories will be told about you, leaving people in shock. But then at least you lived your best life, right. Yes & no!

Pretending is so much hard work. I say listen to your inner voice and choose to be yourself. The choices you make have to be healthy for you. They have to make you happy. They have to fulfill you. Most of us have lived to fulfill the older generations life, to make them happy. We are unhappy because we live a lie. We try to tell ourselves that if they are happy then we are, lies! If they are happy then they are happy.

Make a choice! Stand by you, make sure that your smile stretches from your intestines until wee see it on your face. If you agree comment, Agreed! If not, leave your thoughts in the comment section. Remember to follow the blog..? My name is uBu, CIAO!