Zimbabwe- a house of stones. Just stones, nothing else. You would think if the wind hit hard it would fall apart, but it doesn’t. It never has, through the stormy nights too it still stands. I wish I knew where the strength comes from, but for now, we will thank the ancestors for those that strongly believe in them and God.

Zimbabwe- a house of stones. It’s people have hearts so soft, so beautiful, filled with love but they don’t break so easily. It doesn’t matter where in this world you could decide to leave them, they will survive. There is no drought too strong or an economy too hard, they will make it out alive. Only guns and knives will take them out but not life struggles.

Zimbabwe – a house of stones. Many come for the scenery, to see the water fall and the place where Cecil lay his head. Some for the weather because they don’t have what we have. But all I say is the beauty of Zimbabwe lies in its people. Before you marvel at what we have built, get to know us.

Enjoy your visit. CIAO!

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