‘Hello, uBu’s white and gold huawei P8 lite how can I help you?’ I was ready to answer every call like this because whilst for some it is outdated for me it is something I have always wanted that was now in my hand. I had been telling myself I will own a huawei for years, the love for this phone bloomed when I was working for huawei. Yes I did, and I was drawn to it because the camera!

Listen, I have been using really useless phones since the death of my Samsung S4, RIP. None of those phones could take a decent picture, I was always deleting something for space, they would just malfunction with no warning. One time I took one back and I only got it back after a month and a half, imagine that. By the time it came back I had already replaced it with yet another dololo phone. I mean I was working within my budget so whatevs. But here I am, today, selfing like there is n tomorrow. I ain’t got no worries. I should name my phone, what would you name it? Ciao!! 

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