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Ring Ring, Who is therrrr?

‘Hello, uBu’s white and gold huawei P8 lite how can I help you?’ I was ready to answer every call like this because whilst for some it is outdated for me it is something I have always wanted that was now in my hand. I had been telling myself I will own a huawei for years, the love for this phone bloomed when I was working for huawei. Yes I did, and I was drawn to it because the camera!

Listen, I have been using really useless phones since the death of my Samsung S4, RIP. None of those phones could take a decent picture, I was always deleting something for space, they would just malfunction with no warning. One time I took one back and I only got it back after a month and a half, imagine that. By the time it came back I had already replaced it with yet another dololo phone. I mean I was working within my budget so whatevs. But here I am, today, selfing like there is n tomorrow. I ain’t got no worries. I should name my phone, what would you name it? Ciao!! 

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  1. Girl, how much was this phone? It looks really sleek.

    1. A few thousand rands.. ???

      1. R1000?

        1. R2000

  2. The Huawei P8 Lite 2018 version though…

    1. My guy!!

  3. HUAWEI P20 lite. We are family ?This also happens to be my 2018 purchase. ?‍♀️

    1. It was a phone purchase year!

      1. I am just here being green with envy looking at my imitation phone with 0.75megapixel camera and the box say 20megapixels which cant even take a photo recognized by its own face unlock feature can you believe that nonsense?
        Anyhoo at least it makes and receives phone calls

        1. ????.. Please fix this!! Now!! It can’t be, a whole blogger.. Haibo!!

          1. on the upside its a great publicity gimmick I ask people to pose for a selfie with they are a highly flattered then I ask them to tag me that way they feature in my posts too…..
            All I want for Christmas

          2. ????.. You are funny!!

  4. New phone hello? Lol

    1. Yaaaassss honey!!

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