*Bachelor in Nutritional Science, Miss UZ 2014 finalist and a model. A combination that unlocks doors to success.*

As she threw herself on the chair the first thing I noticed was her eyes, beautiful glowing eyes. So for the record the whole time she is explaining why she was 10 minutes late I was asking God why I do not have her eyes. I didn’t get a response of course so I figured let me get answers from this beauty here. You ready?
‘First of all this coffee tastes real good, I had to put it out there. So this modelling career of mine started after high school. My friend and I decided to take the course just to pass time At Top Models Zim. It was near home so we really had nothing to lose, four weeks later we had certificates.


At this point I began to ask myself if I really wanted to do this because when people look at a model all they see is a you know what. And then I tried to think what my mother would think about it. It’s annoying how people can assume you are dodgy just from a career choice. It has to change but then again how do we fight this world and its perception of us models.


My family never fussed about me getting into this industry, I guess it’s because we are a diverse family. My cousin brother is a dancehall artist and another produces music. I am blessed to be born in a family such as I can lean on them when the going gets tough.


I do not like pageants out of all modelling opportunities out the Buhle. I have to emotionally prep myself up first and then spend money buying his and that outfit with nothing but hope that I may win. And then after all that I do not win, that’s money gone and a broken heart to mend. It’s way too much to handle. The runway however is my sanctuary, I could spend my days there. Let’s call the runway my main meal and the photo shoots my dessert.


I love Lupita Nyongo because she is a publicised African model, have you seen the way she takes control on the runway. I love it. Then we have Tyra Banks and her confidence. She does the craziest things and still looks amazing doing them. I pay close attention to those two women and I draw all that I can from them.’
Pause, are you not in love with this woman right here. I am in love with her confidence and her drive. I feel the need to hold on to some of that great ambience.

‘When I stand before people it’s enough to take down any other model, I got that Tyra confidence in me!’

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