S-uduruka please. Just get out of my way I don’t need you right now. Just for now, I will call you back when I need you because I am enough for myself right now. Go live your life and I want you to know that you enough for yourself too for now. I think we have had enough of each other for now so go on along please.

P-humakim wena. Please 2-step in that direction please and oh that would be the direction that has no sign of my presence. Don’t turn around on your way out because its not yet time. All I need for you to do is straddle on ahead dear. I might call you tomorrow or the day after.I am not sure but don’t worry I am still yours. Just not today.

A-nother time will do. Another time we could hang out like we did earlier today. We could be in love with each other again but we need to take a break for a bit. I will cal you when my love tank is empty. When I feel like I am missing something I will look for you my love.

C-rawl to your end of life please. This area right here belongs to me and no one else at all, well until I need you again. My emotion tank is currently too full to accommodate anything you have for me. You may bruise your knees honey, we will fix them later.

E-nd this thing right away. And by right away I mean this second. Dont text me or call me. Don’t you even dare look or step in my direction. Just kindly stay in your lane, turn off that switch that attracts me to you for a lil.


Just give me SPACE..

Space? What space do you need? When you got with me did you not know we would be in each others hair and all? Did you not know that we would laugh and cry together? I mean this is the reality is it not? Nobody was out here promising you roses and chocolates all day everyday. When you at your mothers house isn’t there enough space between us? Which space am I taking up when I app you or call you? Phone storage space? What is it damnit, say something cause this ain’t making no sense. All these questions I have need answers from you and no one else. What do you want to fill up the space that I am moving out of? Rather should I say who?

Who has given you better attention than me? Who is it that has you  believing that I am not worth he fight? Who is it? They have you feeling the same jitters you had when we started off and all of a sudden I am irrelevant?What makes you think this feeling wont fade too? Do you think they will fight you as I am ready to right now? They must be amazing because I have become that person you need space from. I hope they make you so happy and love you right because GOODBYE is filing my space.

Enjoy your space..

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