Do I even need to write much about this, I feel like it says it all. This is the life we are living in. When they choose someone else, choose yourself. When the love fades, love yourself. You are enough for you!

And here you got people, people that change their minds. People who change their hearts with the season. And then the songs, they too must end , so tell me now my friend, where does that leave us?

Emeli Sande- Give me something

How many times have we put in so much time and effort into someone for them to turn around and not count us. We are no longer enough for them. I have come round to understand that we are in certain places and situations for a reason and when the time is up it is up. The human nature says hold on and try, yet holding on blocks us from seeing the new chapter right in front us. So we end up feeling like where are we going? What is the point?  The point is as they have grown, grow too. If it fades, fade into the light. Ciao!

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