I watched an episode of  Basketball Wives LA where Evelyn Lozada was battling with the decision to keep or let go of her embryo’s. She separated with her then men when they were in the process of ‘making a baby,’ if I should say. It was a very hard decision for her and I could tell she was hurt. Most times when you prepare yourself for something in life and then the unexpected happens it really does take you to a new space of sorrow. She eventually decided to let go of the embryo’s and as a way of letting them go she took her best friend (at the time cause things took a left later in the season,Jennifer is messy tbh) and she released butterflies.

For some odd reason, Miss Kupsy has stopped asking after you as often as she used to.  She does on the rare moments and when she does she asks questions that I don’t even have answers to. 


I read a blog post on Makupsy’s blog titled ‘An Open Letter To Kupakwashe’s Father.’ I have never felt more emotions in a day than I did on that particular day. This is a young woman who was betrayed by a man who had the nerve to plant a seed and abandon it. A whole coward who is going on with life as though his daughter does not exist. Deadbeat dads are the worst thing to ever live I promise you. But you know what is beautiful in her blog, she wrote the letter and let go. She realized it was a waste of time to chase after wind, she chose to love and cherish her daughter. She set herself free because I guess she realised holding on would mean scarring her daughter along the way.

I stan a woman who knows when to say goodbye and choose to stand on her own two feet. I do not know Makupsy very well but what I get from her is strength, she is one of the strongest people I know. She has been in the devils seat and back and I bet all she is now is a refined woman. Fighting daily to set an example for her daughter, she loves her so much. Well done Makupsy for the progress you have made, for the hope you have left in others through sharing your experiences and for the middle finger you left in that ones face. Ciao!

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