Sharing The Same Blood Doesn’t Make You Family

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 0 comments

I was having a conversation with my brother the other day and he said to me, ‘we are all family, we need to check on each other and love each other.’ This coming from a person who years ago really minded his alcohol more than the people around him, I felt the growth he has gone through. He was right, we need to shower each other with love, at the end of the day we need each other. Please note that I have not yet defined the ‘we.’ Family is a term often used to describe those you share a surname or the same bloodline with, and I call bullshit. Before we get into my head, here are a few definitions I got from people.

“Family is traditionally a group of people bound together by blood or relation but can be extended to people who choose to identify as a unit.” – Caroline

“Mum, dad, my siblings, my cousins…..everybody I just really hate sometimes but my first point of love.” – B

“Family isn’t about blood it’s people who support, love and take care of you when you need it. Regardless of whether they share the same DNA or not.” – TOM

“Family to me is the always and forever squad, people who aren’t afraid to laugh with you, quarrel with you. Family is people who you love and die for every day and they do the same. Family is chaotic, real, stupid and funny moments with the humans closest to your heart.” – MM

“For me, a family goes beyond blood. It’s those people I feel most at home with.” – S

“Family are the people I’m related to by blood and law, and the people I choose and have chosen me. People who I want in my life, even if I can’t always count on them.” – A

“Mmmmm family, it means not just bound by blood, but companionship, loyalty, love, looking out for one another, taking care  of each other no matter the circumstances.” – KN

I honestly believe you can choose your family, we may share relations or blood but if your actions say otherwise then you are just somebody I know. We just happen to be related, I can count a number of my family members that have put zero effort towards building a relationship and I made a conscious decision that I will not be found trying any harder. Relatives tend to form divisions amongst themselves and this is another thing that bothers me, if we are going to say we are one why are you setting up hierarchies? It truly makes zero sense to me.

So you know what, I choose to be surrounded by people who aren’t judging me by the amount of money in my bank account, the clothes I wear or which suburb I stay in. I choose people who show up for me when I need them to, I want to love people who love me too, period. And this is what I wish for you too, may you be surrounded by love, support, light and encouragement. May the universe show you who is for you and about you, that is your real family. I love you!


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