First of all I will let you know I am one of those annoying people who can not take compliments. On most days I sabotage the compliment, maybe this comes with a low self esteem coupled with unbelief. Whichever way, I suck at taking compliments but please believe all I want to say is thank you and blush away. 

Illustration depicting cutout printed letters arranged to form the word sabotage.

Here I was minding my own on Sunday, by the way this is who I am at church. I go, serve, listen to the word and walk out. This has resulted in people saying I act brand new, same people who just want to download my life info and talk about me behind my back, whuuu shem! I digress, so here I was waiting to get prayed for. The young lady who stood behind me tapped my shoulder.

I turn around and she says, ‘You are so beautiful and natural. I see you every Sunday and I just admire you from afar. You are really beautiful.’ This coming from another woman, who barely knew me almost had my knees weak. For the first time all I said was, ‘thank you so much.’ And I thought she was done, it would have helped because  then  I was not going to sabotage this one compliment. She kept going deeper into detail and before I knew I blurted, ‘can’t be that good.’ See my life, see it?

With that I opened a doorway for her to convince me I WAS really beautiful. Our conversation was cut short because my turn came and I had to go, I was not going to wait for her. I smiled and went on my way. I have never forgotten that conversation though, it helps me every time I feel like I am at the bottom of the lake. Every time I feel like I look like a combination of  Spongebob and Squidward I remember her words and I walk tall for the day. The beauty of uplifting each other, we need to do this more often! Try it. Ciao!

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